Sunday, October 17, 2021 


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Be a PSP yourself!

PSPs - Payment Service Providers - are companies which offer powerful interfaces between your online shop and the credit-card companies. However, this might be an expensive luxury.

ccAccounting provides a system which enables you to be your own PSP. Enjoy the advantages and save the costs of the intermediary. The system collects for you the credit-card data from your online shops and automatically transmits it to the credit-card companies. You only have to receive the results.

The multi-user-multi-client system permits independent accounts with own entrances for administration or final customers.

You may also use the system as interface to one of our partners as PSP, if you want to minimize your administration tasks.

Access your data from all over the world. Of course, security is one of our main concerns. Thus, all internet connections are handled using high-grade data encryption (SSL-RC4 128 Bit). All critical data is stored encrypted.

Let ccAccounting handle your data. Generate monthly reports per mouse click – as HTML, PDF, or Excel file. A calendar provides access to daily, weekly and monthly overviews. Find specific information simply and fast using the search function.

Each change of an order or submittal, respectively, is logged – time as well as the accomplishing person – and is thus, constantly ensures comprehensibility.

In addition to the base currency – the Euro – foreign currencies are supported. The foreign-currency exchange rates are updated automatically. Several independent sources ensure constantly current values.

ccAccounting uses in the base version English and German. You can easily add additional languages.

How to save costs?

ccAccounting finances itself!

e.g. for the basic license for installation on one of our servers you pay each month 2.5 % of the turnover realised by ccAccounting. But only until the payments cumulate up to € 680 (excl. VAT). During this period you get free support and free system upgrades. Afterwards, the usage is for free. If you like to continue support and upgrades, then also the 2.5 % payment continues.