Tuesday, September 21, 2021 


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Online Forms

formAccounting allows to create, handle and maintain online forms on the fly without worrying about the technical processes behind – just be creative and let the system do the rest.

Easy Handling

Create new forms, just by telling the system what you need. From simple contact forms to complicated online surveys with multiple pages and conditional page breaks (e.g. if people should get different questions depending on their previous answers).

Update easily your old forms. The version control system allows to work on a new version while the previous one is still online.

eMail Response

Do you want the system to respond automatically to an entry? Create an email template which the system will fill out and send. The system will check the form entries and protect you against spam attacks.

Data Handling

All form entries are stored in a data base which you can manipulate online or download in various formats – e.g. as CSV text file or as Excel-Sheet.

Please contact us for more information or a test account at office@m2m.at.