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New Homepage

New Design

The design specifications have been: simple, showing what we do.

Dark Mode

Using the light-bulb symbol in the right top corner, you can switch between a light and a dark design of the page. If you have stored preference in your web browser, the site switches automatically.


The page is designed to follow the guidelines of W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. If you find discrepancies, please let us know.

Static Pages

The site is completely static, built by a static site generator. This way everything is ready at the request time and the site is much faster, easily scalable and more secure.

Vector Graphics

All graphics are vector based and delivered within the code of the page. This way the page needs less request, making it faster and show no artefacts scaling them to different screen sizes.

Modern Compression

Enabling the modern compression algorithm Brotli minimizes the size of the page drastically and makes its delivery even faster.