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Mameli - Reading Book available on the App Store

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25.03.2015 22:29

Mameli - Reading Book available on the App Store

Mameli, the new German reading-book app for Children concerning Xenophobia and Demarcation is now available on the App Store.

Constant repetition of words, reading and getting read to is essential for fluent reading and writing. Children learn early on how to deal with a wide range of media. As a result the actual process of learning to read moves increasingly into the background. Often a lack of motivation to read longer texts follows insufficient excitement to read.

The app “Mameli” is not only a reading book, it also reads the text to the child. Read words and syllables are highlighted using the syllable method. The social-psychologically structured story thematizes xenophobia and demarcation. It encourages children to stand up for themselves and others.