Sunday, October 17, 2021 


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Automation, Flexibility, Mobility

A computer can do automatically lots of time consuming, lengthy tasks for you. Connected to the internet you gain additional flexibility due to mobility.

With your help and the cooperation of a international network of experts we will find the perfect solution for you to take advantage of all the possibilities of the internet.

OpenSource, Customer Orientation, Complete System

According to your requirements we find and install suitable OpenSource products. If they do not prove sufficient, we will adjust them to your needs; or we will design a complete new system for you ...

Intermediate Solutions

If the complete solution demands a lot of time, we will provide intermediate solutions. The system will be implemented step by step. Thus, you will have a working system from the beginning. And it will be continuously improved and completed!

Ready-To-Use Products

Mameli a reading book app for German children… [more]
Am Land a reading book app for German children… [more]
eaGeier a tool for Accounting on Cash Bases available as free online version and as app for the iPhone & iPad … [more]
SV & ESt an app to calculate the social insurance and income tax[more]
NoVAan app to calculate the standard fuel consumption tax ... [more]
ccAccounting an online billing system which enables you to be your own payment service provider … [more]
formAccounting a tool to easily create, handle and maintain online forms ... [more]
videoAccounting a shop system specialized on pay-per-view online content like, for example, the download of software, videos, books, … access areas for data bases, … etc … [more]