Tuesday, September 21, 2021 

SV & ESt

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SV & ESt Calculator

The SV & ESt calculator determines the maximum amount of social insurance and income tax for self-employed people in Austria for the current and the last seven years.

It calculates not only the profit derived from a given income but also the other way around which allows you determine how much you have to earn to reach a certain profit. Just rotate your device for the different calculations.

You can print the result, or email it as PDF or CSV file for further use in your favorite spread sheet application.

On the iPad version you can move the calculation sheet and even rotate the keyboard for your ergonomic convenience.


Please note:

In taxation and social security, there are very detailed provisions that were not included here. The calculation determines the maximum amount of income tax and social insurance in Austria. e.g. no incentives for founders or tax-reducing facts like single parents are included.

This calculation is for informational purposes only.