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eBooks, Software, VoD

videoAccounting is an adjustable shop system, specialized in the online distribution of large amounts of data. Starting from the proceedings of conferences (a couple of MBytes) up to high-quality recordings of lectures or even whole conferences (some GBytes) the system is able to handle all sorts of online content.

Free Access :: Shop

The access to your data can be handeled via member areas (access to all files in a specific area) or single-rights access (access to specific files only).

You can enable free memberships e.g. for all participants of a conference or provide your content through the shop system e.g. for all those who missed the conference.

Alternatively you can provide your content in paper, DVD, or VHS.

Mobility, Flexibility

videoAccounting runs for you lengthy, boring and annoying tasks. Orders and the access to your valuable products are handled automatically, as well as is the generation of your catalog pages. Integrated fraud protection and a premium-customer system protects you against illegal exploitation of your data.

Service your customers and administrate their orders and login data using the comfortable online administration interface from all over the world. Report functions provide a constant overview. Search functions allow to browse for specific information.

A flexible pricing system allows different prices for various zones of the world or to enable your customers to use their own currency.

The multi-user-multi-client system permits independent accounts with own entrances for administration. Thus, you may administrate several shops at one time. Divide those accounts among your staff, or allow your distributors limited access to your administration area.

Adjust the layout of your order pages to your needs using templates.

Do you have any questions? Or do you want to know more about the system? Please contact us at

How to save costs?

Of course videoAccounting finances itself!

e.g. for a premium license for installation on one of our servers you pay each month 12.5 % of the turnover realised by videoAccounting. You get free support and free system upgrades. If you need additional features, they will be implemented as far as possible for free!

Do you need a free test account? Please contact